Sea, sand, sunshine, communal showers and a little bit of sunburn. What more you could you possibly ask for from a music festival? Benicassim Festival is a four day music festival that takes place in Benicassim on the East Coast of Spain between Valencia and Barcelona. Headliners this year include Tinie Tempah, Kasabian, The Libertines and Paulo Nutini. It is called FIB Festival in Spain, check out this website for further details of the line up. Included in your ticket you get 8 days of camping so you can make it a longer budget holiday.

I have to shatter your illusions about the communal showers. It is not a naturist type place. Modest Brits and everyone else shower in swimwear, or there is always the sea if you want to skip the showers. Other perks are a bus to the amazingly cheap Lidls, so take advantage of that to stock up on booze. The music starts in the early evening so you can party on through the night, and sleep the day away. Tents get quite hot during the day, so most party goers head to the beach to sleep off their hangovers during the day.

Here are some of my top tips:

Make a Space Tent

This is actually a tried and tested solution to the heat. You will need:

1) A cheap two man tent

2) 3 rolls of Tin foil

3) 2 rolls of Gaffer Tape

When you have set up your tent just cover it in tin foil, making sure there are no gaps and secure the foil with gaffer tape. It is as easy as wrapping a Christmas present. You will get to sleep later, as the shiny tin foil will reflect the worst of the summer sun.

Create a Pop up Cocktail Bar

You can pick up all sorts of weird and wonderful liquors at the glorious Lidls. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out a few of my tried and tested favourites:

Spanish Sangria

Orange Juice, cheap red wine and you can throw in some fruit if you like

Tropical Sunrise

Malibu, Blue Curaçao and Pineapple Juice

June Bug

Melon Liquor (Midori), Malibu, pineapple juice, and vodka

Blackcurrant Delight

Crème De Cassis, Vodka and Cranberry juice

Learn How to be a Good Smuggler

You are not allowed to take alcohol into the festival, but you are allowed your own booze at the campsite. I would never encourage to break the rules, but here are a few smuggling tips:

1) Use a squashable plastic water bottle to smuggle in spirits topped up with fruit juice. You can hide it under your clothes, or tape it to your leg under trousers.

2) Pick a nice looking security guard and try to look innocent. That means don’t go into the festival with the words, ‘I am a Knobhead’ emblazoned in permanent maker on your chest

3) If you do get caught, apologize nicely, and they will let you drink up the booze, before you go in. Only idiots with a death wish argue with security.

How to Make Your Flight after a Week of Partying

The music goes on until about 5am or 6am on the last night. You have an 11am bus to catch the same morning to make your flight.

1) Pack up all of your things and your tent before you go to bed, while you are still drunk or high.

2) You can sleep under the stars for a few hours in just your sleeping bag until you have to get up.

3) You will feel terrible in the morning, but at least all you have to do is eat breakfast and travel home. Laugh at everyone else struggling to function with their hangovers.

4) Book an extra day off work, after you get back from the festival so your body has a day to get rid of all of those toxic substances.

Enjoy! Whatever happens in Benicassim, stays in Benicassim!

We’ve released a free Festival Guide available on desktop, smartphone and tablet – Click Here To Read

Photo: Oscar L. Tejeda