Glass Animals – Pools (Video Review)

“The sound of the record,” says frontman and producer Dave Bayley of Glass Animals’ debut album ZABA, “is like the backdrop of man-made wilderness.” While that does sound like arty-farty nonsense, the “man-made wilderness” aspect certainly is prevalent in their single Pools, and its accompanying music video, with synthesisers and drums beating in an animalistic way.

The video itself adds to this with its plasticine stop-motion animation – this isn’t Wallace and Gromit levels of sophistication but messily stuck together pieces with fingerprints still clearly visible.

The lyrics are simple, sticking with the song’s tribal nature, with plenty of repetitions of simple phrases such as, “I smile because I want to/I smile because you want to.”

Glass Animals do the home-made look well, and the song’s simple layers add up to something more complex, though maybe not so complex that you won’t get bored after a few listens.

Glass Animals’ debut album, ZABA, is released 9th June.