Dignan Porch - Harshed (Single Review)

I know it is wrong to judge a book by its cover but when you look at Dignan Porch they look like a group of indie students who may meet at the library every once in a blue moon after a lecture and had a drink at Starbucks.  But when you hear them, it is the total opposite to listen to they sound like a group of rebellious students who are down with education and up with grunge metal music.

Coming from their third album Observatory which was created in the home of Dignan Porched is a track with summarises the above – Harshed.

Harshed is one of those in particular that I imagine those stereotypical students to listen to whilst in their halls of residents, they have nowhere to go and nothing to do so they turn some music on full blast and drink the night away. Not that we encourage drinking over here at Vulture Hound, but this is that sort of song that twists and turns to make your insides go all funny.   It is difficult to pigeon hole Dignan Porched into one genre; they are indie there is no doubt about that but that indie is in cooperated with elements of rock, grunge and pure hardcore metal.

Which seems right if the name is to be called Harshed, as the definition of harsh is to be disagreeable to the senses yet to my ear I rather enjoy it, letting my hair down, turning this song up to full volume and making my neighbour angry because they can’t stand to hear a classic punk track.