Derek – Season 2.6 (TV Review)

The sad news continued for good old Derek in this last episode of the second season .

It actually started out fun enough as Kev and Derek fished a children’s bike out of a skip.

Derek confessed he never learned to ride as his dad was never around to teach him and his mum was afraid he’d hurt himself. Something he found understandable as he indeed fell off frequently when Kev promised to show him how to do it. Bradley Wiggins does not need to worry.

Back at Broadhill, Derek told his dad, who has not been well, how he got on and resigned to the fact he would probably never master the art.

His dad countered dryly, “If I’m dead by the time you manage, you can ride it to my funeral”.

Hannah then dropped in to inform them that Derek managed to secure a date and the whole gang stepped in to prep him.

Except for Geoff who of course has this infallible need to stir things up yet again and this time gentle Derek retaliated.

Not long after though, he was off to his date which went pretty well as they bonded over a love of burping. Indeed, there is someone out there for everyone.

Geoff finally saw the errors of his ways and did his best to make amends. Perhaps something nice will blossom between him and Vicky.

Anthony does die and although Derek has not yet learned how to ride a bike, father and son made amends and Derek realised he had been loved by his absent father all along.

Season 2 ended with Hannah and Kev seeing off Derek who honored his father’s words and followed his hearse on his bicycle.

The episode made me slightly emotional, but perhaps more so because it’s not yet certain Derek will return for a third season.