Derek – Season 2.6 (TV Review)

This episode, the care home had its regular visit from the animal rescue centre so both animals and residents can enjoy each other’s company and cheer one another up.

As we viewers are so often reminded, Derek loves all living creatures and therefore all the dogs, but he has a very special bond with one in particular; Ivor.

For Hannah, things seemed to go from bad to worse; problems with navy merchant Tom who’s been seriously contemplating to go to back work means they won’t see each other for long spells. She had given him an ultimatum – leave and the relationship is over and for most of the episode it looked as if there would not be a ‘happily ever after’ for them.

Aside from her relationship woes, idiot Geoff and to top it off, Kev continued to cause mayhem with his random, far from health-and-safety-approved artwork.

He’d been ‘borrowing’ kitchen utensils from the care home for his self-proclaimed masterpieces. According to him his art is also the main reason he drinks. Without drink he cannot create and with, he gifts the world art gems such as a phallic Robot.

But no matter how tough things were for Hannah, Derek received some extremely sad news.

Ivor, struck by cancer had to be put down and the rescue centre offered Derek the chance to say his goodbyes.

The vet’s words were fitting and touching to all, (and probably to those who haven’t) been in the heart-breaking position Derek was in.

“He lived the perfect life, suffered not one day of pain, and it ended in the most peaceful way with his loved ones around him”.

As Derek sobbed, I too welled up but that was because I had something in my eyes.

In any case, after both he and Hannah returned to the home, she prepared for a showdown with Kev to tell him off for being generally useless.

But, he surprised Hannah (and myself) as he revealed what he had made:  a sculpture of Ivor for Derek. It was a sweet gesture really, not to mention beautifully constructed and that wretched thing in my eyes suddenly returned…

Kevin showed his softer side, the one of being a good pal who has his heart in the right place. It’s amazing how his character has grown, he’s so much more likeable in a very believable way.

Another sad ending to this episode, but a very, very good one.