Derek – Season 2.6 (TV Review)

Hannah’s pregnancy caused the Broadhill gang to fuss over her. Being the practical woman she is, it annoyed her.

A group of residents headed to the London Zoo, another on of Derek’s ‘most favourits place in the world’ where he was in his element and on course to befriend half of the zoo inhabitants.

Vicky meanwhile, spotted a fit guy and wasted no time to exchange details. This proved to be a bit of an issue – he did not have Twitter or Facebook and was ‘only’ listed in the phone book. This caused social media butterfly Vicky to question what sort of app it was.

Last week he still irritated me, this week I found him actually amusing and pitiful. With ‘him’, I’m referring to new care taker Geoff. The character is basically a really, really, mean childlike bully in the body of a grown-up who gets a kick out of annoying those around him.

With the others out, he was left in charge of the home where he tried to control the residents. Petty stuff really, keeping the change of a fiver after buying a stamp for a resident. Long story short, he ended up being stared down by a man three times his age and kept his mouth shut for pretty much the rest of the day.

Later on, while Vicky taught the residents yoga, Kevin took slumping in a chair to a whole new level (I really have to try that as it looks strangely comfortable).

In all honestly, this episode is the first which made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. I feel it misses the brilliance of the Office and Extra’s as the characters are not as strong as respectively David Brent or Maggie Johnson. Still, Derek is definitely growing on me, that’s certain.

The episode ended on a sad note but like always, life in Broadhill goes on, as Kev mused.