Derek – Season 2.6 (TV Review)

Derek – Season 2.3 (TV Review)


As we’ve seen in the previous episodes, Hannah and Tom are planning to start a family and there’s some good news.  But, since nothing in care home Broadhill stays secret for long, this news hasn’t either.

Geoff, the ‘new’ but not improved Dougie, rubs everybody up the wrong way and I suspect he will continue to annoy Derek & Co in the foreseeable future. He certainly bothers me.

Meanwhile, Vicky’s bad choice of men landed her in hot water but Hannah, armed with a rolling pin, saved the day.

Vicky also got a profound piece of advice: do no go out with men who behave like peacocks because after their feathers fall out you’ll be left with, well let’s just say not peas.

Love may be on the horizon for Antony, Derek’s dad and Tom’s grandma as they headed out on a date which left both Tom and Vicky in equally cringe worthy positions for slightly different reasons.

Kev found out that his less than attractive girlfriend is clearly not as desperate as he thought she was and has been actively looking to replace him.

Apparently, this news distraught him enough to contact his brother whom he hasn’t seen in 3 years.

According to Kev the brother is the black sheep of the family – something which leaves Hannah and everyone else – understandably speechless.

The funniest line of the episode is when deadbeat drunk Kev tells his brother that the caravan parked outside is his home to which his brother responds: “you landed on your feet didn’t you, always the lucky ones”.