Crown the Empire @ Slam Dunk Wolves

Crown the Empire @ Slam Dunk Wolves

It’s true: A picture does paint a thousand words, even if the artist uses sound—rather than pigment and pencil—to create that image. For the Dallas-based outfit Crown The Empire, that means making music on a level rarely seen nowadays, combining visual aesthetics, theatrical sonic textures and thought-provoking lyrics for an audio experience that takes the listener on a wild ride of epic proportions. And they’re just getting started.

Today is the last day of this years festival, how has been? How have the crowds been responding?

Andy: They’re great!

Brent: It’s a lot like Warped Tour in the US, especially yesterday.

Dave: Great weather, everyone’s outside having a great time. It’s been awesome.

Have you managed to catch any other bands, or is there anyone you want to catch on the final day?

Dave: Oh yeah, well I’ve already caught them. I wanted to see Devil Wears Prada… Letlive and a few other bands, but yeah I watched them all yesterday.

Brent: I actually ran into some old friends of mine Hit the Lights- and A Loss for Words I get to see them today, as I didn’t get chance to yesterday.

Andy: The Ghost Inside was pretty cool, I watched them for the first time. They’re pretty dope!

Your new album is out later this year, what have you got planned?  Any surprises on there?

Dave: Surprises, well we’re playing a new song today.

Brent: And apparently the album cover leaked in Russia, so we were a little upset yesterday. So you can go and look for that online and see some of the imagery.

Dave: We have a lot of stuff that we can’t talk about quite yet…

So what’s next for you guys for the rest of the year? You are going to be on the Warped Tour this summer and promoting the album.

Andy: Hell yeah, the album should come out half way through Warped.

Brent: And we will be back overseas before the end of the year.


Slam Dunk Special General Knowledge Quiz!

Technical term for a whales penis?

Andy: Dork

Brent: Dork (Correct! A Dork)

Why can’t elephants jump?

Brent: They don’t have knees?

Andy: They have knees!!

Brent: Shot in the dark, you gotta bend you knees to jump..?!

Andy: Can they jump? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them jump..

(Correct Answer: Because they are too heavy.. durr.)

What is a Tittle?

Brent: When someone has no boob and just a nipple?

(Correct Answer: The dot about a lower case I! Interesting where the mind goes isn’t it.)

What is a group of Ferrets called?

Andy: A group of Ferrets? A gaggle!

Dave: Uberfacts would be helping like crazy right now. (Correct Answer: A business)

 A final comment to the UK?

Andy: We love you guys. Check out the album when it comes out.

Dave: Yeah, go pick it up and then hopefully come see us if /when we come back.

So much fun, thanks to the CTE guys! Keep your eyes peeled for their new album out soon.

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