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Interview: Crown the Empire – Speed Round

What would you like to be remembered for?

Andy: Not being a shitty singer, hopefully.

Brent: I’d like the whole band not just for our songs, not just for our image but everything we do, we try and tie our image into our songs and visa versa and our stage show is just as much a part of our record.

Dream dinner guest (dead or alive)?

Brent: My girlfriend right now, she always gets number one because I hardly ever see her with touring so much. But dead Gandhi or Joan of Ark.

Dave: I would say alive my girlfriend, because she is very much alive.

Brent: Kurt Cobain maybe!

Andy: Are they zombies? Are we just chilling with zombie Kurt Cobain?

Dave: Yeah, are they still dead. Can I talk to them or are they just eating with me?

(You’re thinking into this waay too much!)

How long do you spend in front of the mirror?

Andy: Not as long as I should!

Brent: Not over here at all because we are just trying to get as much sleep as we possibly can. Like I’ve got a seven day shadow.

Dave: Touring it doesn’t matter, you always look like fucking shit.

Favourite swear word?

Andy: Just the classic, I’m gonna go with an old fashioned ‘fuck’.

Dave: I’m also an old fashioned ‘fucker’.

Brent: I like to drop the ‘C’ word when I’m over here. It’s a little more accepted in the UK, we can’t say cunt in America.

Dave: Because women are very offended by that.

Brent: Like when you talk to a guy over here he’s like “look at this bunch of cunts over here”..

Shoe Size?

Brent: 10 ½ or 11 for me

Dave: 9

Andy: 9 ½, baby ass feet!

Best excuse you’ve used to break-up with someone?

Andy: The easiest go to was ‘I’m going on tour’.

Dave: I don’t usually break-up with people, they break up with me. (Aww..)

Andy: That’s the saddest shit I’ve ever heard..

Brent: I once broke up with a girl and the last thing I said to her was “I’ll talk to ya tomorrow” and I didn’t talk to her for like twelve years.

Best day of you life?

Dave: In Australia, that was the best day of my life. First of all us being in Australia and being able to play shows and then the fact that I got to surf – best day, because I love both of them.

Andy: Bondhi beach was gorgeous.

Brent: Mine- I got to walk out on stage to a sold out headliner in our home town Dallas on my twenty-third birthday. Them all singing happy birthday to me backstage, and I was tearing up before I went on stage.

Worst thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

Dave: A tomato.

Andy: Oh Taddie, oh Taddie! (Egging Brent on to confess something..)

Brent: Not saying it! (We’re intrigued..!)

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Brent: I’m a vanilla when it comes to deserts, I like lighter deserts.

Andy: Vanilla for sure.

Dave: I used to be vanilla but chocolate now I think, people change.

As a child where did you want to be when you grew up?

Dave: Right where I’m sitting

What would you say if you met the queen?

Andy: How are you still alive? -she’s like three thousand years old!

Brent: How did you stay married for so long, happily married. I saw a picture of them when they were super young.. (What a consistent sweetie! Right?!)

Andy: You don’t think she has like side guys…?!

Brent: That would be a good question!

Andy: Like David Beckham, like booty calls..

Dave: I’d be so nervous I’d probably say like the most English thing I could like “cheers”.

Weirdest moment of your life?

Andy: I’ve told this story so many times but the weirdest moment I’ve had is that I bled on stage once. I hit myself in the face and I was bleeding all over the place and I had a rag to clean myself up and I got off stage and was doing a signing with it on my shoulder and some guys says “can I have that?” and I’m like “do you want me to sign it?” and he say “no” and just took it and left..

Dave: It was a lot of blood that day.

Brent: I had a girl offer me twenty dollars for my under shirt after I walked off stage. And I was like can I give you a regular shirt that’s not sweaty and has our band name on it.

Dave: They stole my show clothes!

DC or Marvel?

Andy: Marvel without a doubt.

Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Brent: Nothing beats rock.

Dave: Rock

Brent: Rock just goes right through paper.

Andy: Boulder (Not an option, you lose!)

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Andy: Star Wars, don’t even fuck with me!

Dave: Star Wars.

Brent: Andy loves Star Wars. I grew up with my Dad watching Captain Kirk so I would have to say Star Trek. Not the New Generation though!

Dave: I’m no die hard, Andy’s got more on me.

Andy: I’ve got Star Wars tattoos bro. I’ve got a Mandalorian crest on my arm and I’ve got Boba and Jango on my foot.

Last time you were starstruck?

Brent: We saw 50 Cent shooting the Memories of a Broken Heart music video and he walked right by us and I’ve never smelt a man who smelt better and I literally stopped in my tracks when I walked by him. I stopped! I couldn’t handle seeing 50 Cent.

Dave: I’d have to say the same.

Andy: Yeah that was insane, the actual Fiddy.

their new album out soon.

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