Beartooth – Disgusting (Album Review)

New on digital shelves now is Ohio’s hardcore outfit Beartooth with their highly anticipated debut full length album ‘Disgusting’ via Red Bull Records.

Written, performed, produced and mixed by 21 year-old Caleb Shomo, ‘Disgusting’ shares equal inspiration with brutal metalcore as with old-school punk like The Ramones and the bombastic theatricality of Queen. The end result is a back-to-basics hardcore stomp interspersed with huge choruses. “I made the whole thing by myself,” Shomo says of Beartooth’s debut album, ‘Disgusting’. “The entire record, front to back, is literally a reflection of my thoughts and my mental well-being at the time. The album captures every end of the spectrum musically and lyrically. I know this may sound strange, but I didn’t write these songs for anyone. I wrote just to write. All of the songs came about because I love writing Beartooth songs. That’s it. I won’t record a song unless I love it, unless I believe in it. I won’t do it any other way.” Encompassing the ethos we assume all of our rock icon’s possess, Caleb actually stands almost alone, genuinely living for the music. It’s not about the money, the fame or to be part of ‘the industry’ for him, it’s simply because music is his bread and water.

Beartooth began as a way for Caleb to blow off steam after leaving his role as front man for Attack Attack! Caleb and his hometown friends started jamming; hanging out in his basement studio and playing music for fun. They released an EP, and then hit the road, touring North America with genre titans August Burns Red, Memphis May Fire and others. In between support slots, the five-piece headlined everywhere from basements to club shows, building a strong and devoted following. The EP accompanying music videos quickly accumulated over one million views and set the stage for ‘Disgusting’.

This debut album comes with the swagger of long-standing, mass followed, seasoned professionals. The initial hit of the album comes with track one ‘The Lines’, starting out with a scene setting clearing of the throat and then hitting you with a wall of sound and beats, the track goes on to hook you with a super catchy chorus, that just makes you wanna go wild- Caleb really is a master. The tracklisting flows with a coherent sound, whilst each song is wonderfully different and can stand alone. Picking singles must be super easy or super hard, because any have the strength to carry a release, ‘Beaten In Lips’ and ‘I Have A Problem’ were sterling choices though, and represent the album beautifully.

Genuinely my new album of choice, personally, Beartooth are filling the hole that Funeral For a Friend have failed to fill over the past 8 years. The songs have meaning, emotion and strength you can jump, nod, scream or cry along- whatever works for you. Unlike other new alt bands, Beartooth are a fully formed three-dimensional outfit and really have something to get your TEETH (Teeth get it?!) into!

Get this album now. Or you lose.