Bear’s Den - Elysium (Single Review)

This London based trio could quite easily give Mumford and Sons a run for their money, they better watch out as Bear’s Den introduces Elysium to the world of all things indie and acoustic.

With Andre Davie on guitar and vocals, Joney Haynes on guitar and Kev Jones playing the drums they all have that certain je ne sai quoi that makes this new single somewhat romantic.

Yes this new single that was released on the 21st of this month tells a beautiful story about Bear’s Den friendship and the aching to have that friend from evil. Davie’s voice leads you into this world of romantic slushiness and with the music accompanied by Haynes and Jones it is one of their best songs to date.

Having previously heard their EP of Agape, Elysuim is considerably better as it starts off in rather calming tone and lures you in as you want to hear more. Then all of a sudden you are taken a back by the burst and release of energy that is created by huge amounts of bass and  the over strumming of the guitar, the sound is just amazing.

How the song starts off calm and builds up into one huge musical storm perhaps a musical representation of what friendship is like?