Arc Iris Lost On Me Single Review

Arc Iris – Lost On Me (Single Review)

An artistic and enticing new video accompanies Arc Iris’ latest single Lost On Me, showcasing the band’s unique and melancholy sound. The video, filmed on 16mm black and white film mirrors the elegance of this track quite perfectly.

Gorgeous dancers glide across a snowy Rhode Island in a chilling (quite literally) performance that echoes the graceful strings and piano of Lost On Me, a charismatic arrangement with vocals that float and overlap one another as if dancing themselves. The effortless orchestration of the track is portrayed cleverly through the editing of this primitive yet truly wonderful filming.

To create a video of this ilk was an inspired choice to accompany Lost On Me. There is nothing worse than a video that overwhelms the senses, leaving the mind distracted from the song it intends to compliment. There is a great balance of simplicity here, the video pirouetting away in the background while the enchanting sounds of Arc Iris continue to play.

There’s a level of imperfection present in both the song and the video that’s endearing. It makes one appreciate the stripped back, pureness of music that is free from computers and over production. An appreciation of the old fashioned things in life is most definitely present here, and it’s a refreshing change of pace.

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