World War Dead – First Images

A couple of weeks ago Anchor Bay Entertainment made the exciting announcement that after years of working primarily as a distributor that they are stepping into the world of film production. Along with Next Level Films they are co-producing ‘World War Dead; Rise of the Fallen’

For their first production they have set their sights on two of the straight-to-dvd markets most popular genres; War and Zombies. The title even sounds a bit like ‘World War Z’, if you pronounce it in the British vernacular.


The plot revolves around “a TV Documentary team travelling to the Somme to put together a ratings smash about new mysteries relating to the famous World war 1 battle. However, what they unearth is far from a new story of those that died 100 years ago – but an army of the undead and a brand new war.”

The film will star Ray Panthaki (28 Days Later, Kidulthood), Wendy Glenn (You’re Next) and Kacey Barnfield (Resident Evil, Green Street 3). Co-directors Freddie Hutton-Mills and Bart Ruspoli are just about to release their feature debut ‘Cryptic’ which has been getting some good buzz for its genre mash-up.

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