Video Premiere: Johnny Parry – Movement VI – Romantic Statements

Movement VI – Romantic Statements
Taken from: An Anthology of All Things

Performed and by Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra and the Bedford Arts Choir

Choir Mistress –
Donna Lennard

Conductor – Johnny Parry

The Bedford Arts Choir –
Suzanne Chidley,
Sarah Davies,
James Day,
Laura Dawkins,
Rebecca De Winter,
Shan Edwards,
Andrew Faulkner,
Val Favell,
Martin Fernandez,
Cathy Friend,
Dawn Giles,
Katy Goodson,
Ali Goodyear,
Mike Gray,
Dan Smith,
Simon Gutteridge,
Jacqueline Haddock,
Laura Harbard,
David Illingworth,
Lesley Illingworth,
Rose Illingworth,
Ivora Jones,
Victoria Kahl,
Lesley King,
Adam Knowles,
Cally Lawrence,
Steve le Page,
Joff Lincoln,
Mary Luetchford,
Mary Lusby,
James MacDowell,
Rachel Maloy,
Clare McCrow,
Kieth McGruer,
Kezia Merrick,
Jonny Mudd,
Emma Mundell,
Danni Nicholls,
Jayne Nicholson,
Natalie Phelps,
Kristian Purcell,
Erica Roffe,
Natalie Rudd,
Sam Schöbs,
Aga Serugo-Lugo,
Mike Smith,
Catherine Stone,
Chris Stone,
Evan Thomas,
Valerie Thompson,
Luke Tuchscherer,
Sara Turner,
Norma Wall,
Rob Wall,
Pat Wane,
Sue Warren,
Iryna Wawryn,
Christian Webb,
Davy Willis,
Elizbieta Wojcik,
Tracey Wright.

Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra –

Donna Lennard   Soprano Soloist
Anne-Marie Kirby   Violin
Roger Illingworth  Piano
Ed Bruggemeyer  Violin
Abigail Dance  Violin
Isolda Hawkes-Tan  Violin
Charlie Stock   Viola
Merlyn Sturt Viola
Rhiannon Lock   Cello
Edwin Ireland   Cello
George Young   Clarinet/Tenor Sax
Jenny Hird   Alto/Soprano Sax
Natalie Ellis   Bari Sax
Sunil Kamath   Trombone
Chris Beagle   French Horn
Caz Adcock   Trumpet
Rupert Cook   Electric Guitar
David Lynch   Electric Bass
Ben Milway   Percussion
Flow Toulman   Percussion
Chris Thatcher  Percussion
Andrea Tweedale  Soprano Soloist

Film and recording by Johnny Parry

Commissioned and produced By
Bedford Creative Arts

Album available from on 19th May?

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