Trailer Watch: Cannes Edition

Trailer Watch: Cannes Edition

Cannes was held this week and as most of us will have to wait months to see the best the world has to offer to cinema, Vulture Hound have decided to give you guys a glimpse of what your missing.

The Homesman

I was a huge fan of Tommy Lee Jones’ directorial debut The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. A modern western that served as a meditation on the value of human life, it was one of the most beautiful films I had ever seen. It wasn’t afraid to slow down, to stop and smell the cacti; the quiet moments of contemplation made you look at your place in the world, perhaps at its insignificance and – inevitably – its end. The Homesman – Jones’ follow up theatrical release – appears to look not at the end of life, but at its decline. Hilary Swank finds Jones on top of a horse with a noose around his neck. She agrees to cut him free if he helps her to take three mentally ill women to Iowa. The landscapes are gorgeous, the acting looks excellent and it appears to once again use the American wilderness as the place to have a long stare into ones soul. The depictions of mental illness and Native Americans look to uncomfortably simplistic, but you need more than two minutes in a trailer to do either justice. I cannot wait to see this one.

Clouds of Sils Maria

Clouds of Sils Maria stars a trio of excellent female leads spanning three generations. Everyone knows Juliette Binoche  is great. Kirsten Stewart has recently proved she can move beyond the soap opera mouth breathing of Twilight with films like On the Road and The Runaways. But after Carrie and Let Me In, people have started to ask questions about Chloë Grace Moretz. Does she have what it takes to get beyond the teen starlet turns of the Kick Ass franchise? This will be the moment we find out if she can dig in deep and give a performance worthy of the hype that surrounded her in that scene stealing role from 2010. Otherwise it’s clearly influenced by All About Eve, Juliette Binoche plays an aging actress rocked by the interpretation Chloë Grace Moretz’s charater gave to the role she made famous. But in reality she should be more concerned by her assistant Kirsten Stewart. The trailer sets it up to be a thriller but don’t be surprised if it turns out to be a drama that focuses more on Binoche’s mental state, than a thriller about a scheming usurper.

The Captive

If there’s one word to describe the Canadian film The Captive, that word would be sinister. We don’t get much from the plot other than that a little girl has been abducted. From there on we only have brief glimpses of plot to hint at what might be going on. The surveillance equipment, the thumping brass score, the dudes with the creepy mustaches, it all looks very disturbing and uncomfortable. So that’s a job well done then. Sign me up.