The Carnabys (Live Review)

The Carnabys – The Pocket (Single Review)

This London based rock band are one of the best rock bands I have ever heard. They remind me of a younger version of Kings Of Leon, it’s very rock n roll and fresh.

The Pocket is a song for the summer as I imagine listening to it, sitting back on a deck chair, underneath the sun (with sun cream on obviously) tapping my toe to the beat and drinking a cold beverage. Like that image, this song is just simply bliss. It is a song suitable for all those surfer lovers out there, it you feel like going on an adventure and have not got a song to go with your wild outing then thank Vulture Hound for that problem is solved.

I imagine this song to be better heard live as it such an anthemic song, full of energy and guitar solos. Listening to it, it creates such a buzz that I can only wonder what sort of atmosphere it would create in a live situation. Only 19 years old this band yet you would not think that, as the lead singer Jack has such a husky yet soulful voice it creates such a powerful mood. It gives it that rock edge that I look for in a band. I think that they are a one to look out for.

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