Slam Dunk Festival – What to Watch

This years touring festival Slam Dunk hits Wolverhampton, Leeds, and Hatfield with a huge and amazing line up. Check out our Slam Dunk what to watch!

Bands you probably love but have never seen live..

All American Rejects

With awesome videos and crazy anthemic tracks AAR have been on the pop/rock scene for some time now and have built up quite a fanbase.

Prepare yourselves for a good old fashioned sing-along and a super energetic show.

Less Than Jake

Legends of ska-punk LTJ are practically doing continual tours and still releasing new music, which is quite a feat for a band that formed in 1992. Having recently signed with legendary label Fat Wreck, don’t be surprised to see an extra bounce in these super cool dudes steps.

Prepare yourselves for stage dives, crowd surfing, and good old fashioned ‘skanking’.

Kids In Glasss Houses

Bidding a fond farewell to both the music and festival scene this year, alt-rockers KIGH are bound to draw in the crowds. After an explosive few years, having formed in 2003, the guys are parting ways, so this maybe your last chance to check them out.

Prepare yourselves for emotional tracks, energetic performances and weeping into your hankies.

Motion City Soundtrack

With a movie out this year (!) superstars MCS are joint headliners at this years events. Longstanding members of the UK’s pop-punk movement, these five Yanks are pillars of the genre. With much loved tracks including ‘Capital H’ and ‘Everything Is Alright’ and a rich catalogue of five official albums it’s going to be a jam-packed set.

Prepare yourselves for being taken back to your youth, and recognising songs you didn’t even know you knew!

Bands you’ve gotta see live that you’ll probably love..


Having a unique sound is quite an achievement for a rock band, but when you combine ska, punk, rock and rap you’re not going to sound like anyone else are you?! Especially when you do it with the energy and talent that the ZH guys do, having been a band since 1996 it’s about time they got some recognition- with a crazy-awesome sound boasting and cementing the joys of life, Zebrahead are definitely one not to miss this year.

 State Champs

If you didn’t catch these guys on tour earlier this year with The Wonder years you’ve not missed your chance! Gracing the stage with their youth and energy are new band State Champs. Bound to bring the fun and their pure pop-punk sound, y’all wanna check out State Champs.

Chunk! No Captain Chunk

One of the only French punk bands ever, are gracing the Slam Dunk festival this year- who’s not intrigued already? With irresistible twangs of their accents thrown in for good measure Chunk have a sound all their own, and their single (Smash Mouth cover) ‘All Star’ is bound to be the smash of the festival and summer.


Ignore anything negative you’ve ever read about this band, a female member does not a Paramore make. Marmozets are serious rockstars and hardcore performers, singer Becca has dislocated her shoulder on stage in the past- popped it back into place- and carried on! Getting serious attention on the rock scene, these guys deserve it, get on this bullet train before it leaves without you.




The All-American Rejects: 9.30pm -10.45pm
Mallory Knox – 8.20pm: 9.05pm
We Are The In Crowd: 7.10pm – 7.55pm
Motion City Soundtrack: 6pm – 6.45pm
We The Kings: 4.55pm – 5.35pm
The Skints: 3.50pm – 4.30pm
Canterbury: 2.55pm – 3.25pm
Blitz Kids: 2pm – 2.30pm



Less Than Jake: 9.20pm – 10.30pm
The Ataris: 8.10pm – 8.55pm
Capdown: 7.05pm – 7.45pm
Zebrahead: 6pm – 6.40pm
I Am The Avalanche: 5.05pm – 5.40pm
Gnarwolves: 4.15pm – 4.45pm
Decade: 3.25pm – 3.55pm
Jesse James: 2.35pm – 3.05pm
Fandangle: 1.45pm – 2.15pm



Bury Tomorrow: 10.05pm – 10.55pm
letlive.: 8.35pm – 9.20pm
The Ghost Inside: 7.10pm – 7.50pm
The Devil Wears Prada: 6pm – 6.40pm
Crown The Empire: 5.00pm – 5.30pm
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: 4pm – 4.30pm
I Killed The Prom Queen: 3.05pm – 3.35pm
Caliban: 2.10pm – 2.40pm
Heart of A Coward: 1.15pm – 1.45pm



Kids In Glass Houses: 9.45pm – 10.50pm
Hit The Lights: 8.15pm – 9pm
Real Friends: 7pm – 7.40pm
Neck Deep: 5.55pm – 6.30pm
State Champs: 4.50pm – 5.25pm
A Loss For Words: 3.45pm – 4.20pm
Save Your Breath: 2.55pm – 3.25pm
Modern Baseball: 2.05pm – 2.35pm
Light You Up: 1.15pm – 1.45pm



Chiodos: 9.55pm – 10.50pm
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: 8.50pm – 9.35pm
Feed The Rhino: 7.50pm – 8.30pm
Marmozets: 6.50pm – 7.30pm
Landscapes: 5.55pm – 6.30pm
Ghost Town: 5pm – 5.35pm
Natives: 4.10pm – 4.40pm
Verses: 3.20pm – 3.50pm
The First: 2.30pm – 3pm
Competition Winner: 1.40pm – 2.10pm



Vinnie Caruana: 9pm – 9.45pm
You, Me And Everyone We Know: 7.40pm – 8.15pm
Rob Lynch: 6.30pm – 7pm
Chas Palmer-Williams: 5.25pm – 5.55pm
The Lion & The Wolf: 4.20pm – 4.50pm

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