Shy For Shore Love Again Single Review

Shy For Shore are jumping on a bandwagon of their own and are doing something quite radical in the world of music. This duo are making synthy, 80’s music cool again but with a modern twist.

Love, Again is a song that should not work in the 21st century but I can see it being played on all radio stations across the UK and those listeners loving it.

Quite the song for the summer festivals, it is relevant to today. With all the bright clothes that people have sported recently, the 80’s was full of illumines lyrca, headbands and leg warmers and this song just celebrates that with that 80’s music.

Though this song isn’t all bright and colourful oh no. It is a bitter sweet, Love, Again is sad but beautiful as it has that happy and upbeat yet her lyrics are upsetting singing about never loving again does bring a tear to my eye. You can really here that heartfelt emotion into the song but that is juxtaposed when you hear the 80’s bobbing beat sound of the synthesizers.

This track is simply a celebration of all things 80’s music; it’s a track that you will want to put on whilst getting ready to a festival. It just puts you in that positive vibe that we all need for the summer.