Scott and Charlene’s Wedding – Singles and Rarities (Review)

To celebrate their forthcoming tour, Australian-founded alternative band Scott and Charlene’s Wedding are releasing a deluxe version of their 2013 album ‘Any Port in A Storm’, along with an extra disc of rarities, singles and new recordings.

It goes that the origins of the band can be be traced back to the mid-2000s when founding member, Craig Dermody, played alongside two other bands at a friend’s birthday party. He then started spending more time on the project, which takes its name from his mother’s favourite soap opera, releasing the debut album, ‘Para Vista Social Club’, in 2010.

Now based in New York with a brand new line-up, the band’s 2014 tour is riding on the back of their hugely successful European tour last year.

With a name that ties them to a late 80s TV event with cult status, and a style that harks back to the indie rock of the 90s, it could seem at first glance, that there’s little Scott and Charlene’s Wedding have to offer the modern music scene. But there’s something about all of this that makes it timelessly cool, like Lego or mint Star Wars figures.

Everything from the scratchy recording and effortless vocals almost lazily called into the microphone, to the minimalist, hand-drawn album cover, gives this an air of an underground, undiscovered band. With that played-in-a-garage sound, this is the band that, simply by having heard of them, you can impress people with how musically savvy you really are.

Pulling in grunge influences and mixing them with that summery indie sound, they bring the 90s to the present day, somehow offering something that really feels like it’s missing in today’s music scene. And it all sounds like it came so easy to them. Like they recorded the tracks relaxed in threadbare armchairs and sagging sofas. And that’s what makes it so brilliant.

This is an album for the early hours of the morning, for the drive home from a gig, for the last few hours of a beach party. It’s a comfort album; unfussy and undemanding. It’s burger and chips, it’s jeans and a t-shirt, it’s no make-up. It’s exactly what this world of impossibly high standards needs.


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