Poeticat, a mix of musicians from both London and Lisbon, have created their own new genre of music. Listen to their EP ‘Smash the Floor’, and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Their mantra is ‘Here we go with all of our weirdness’ and that could not sum up their style better.

3rd Arm was the first song I listened to, and I am not going to lie, it left me a bit gobsmacked. The intro is phenomenal; the electric guitar made me stop whatever it was that I was doing and stare at my speakers. The lyrics have a slightly rockier vibe to them and it blends well with the mix of guitar, drums and god knows what else which technically shouldn’t work, but does.

Rest Reprise and Kind Words Soft Kill are more similar in their style; they have a slightly philosophical vibe that definitely leaves a lasting impression on the listener. I found these a bit harder to listen to as I prefer more rhythmic songs with a stronger pulse and I found the lyrics did not mesh well with the lack of beat in the song.

Centre of the Concrete Square slightly reminded me of an annoyed teenager writing an angry letter to their parents. The lyrics are very sarcastic and clever which works well with the style: an eclectic mix between guitar melody and drum beats, and the bassline is hard to miss.

Jetty is the first song of the EP and it is by far my favourite. It has a more disco feel to it and is a lot happier than the rest of the album. It is also one of the quirkier songs they have, with a nice melody that I found very enjoyable to listen to.

Poeticat was a slightly mixed bag for me but if you are a person who never sticks to one type of genre, this band is the band for you. And after a five star review from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, you know they are going to be big. Their EP will be released on 5th May, give it a listen and see for yourself.