New Music: Sunset Graves – Your Ghost is Formed

Following Sunset Grave’s 2013 album ‘Variant’, ‘ Your Ghost Is Formed’ is the brilliant follow up and first track off his upcoming album ‘Form Your Ghost’.  The single appears to indicate a move toward a more electronic synth dependent direction with a lack of guitars that were prevalent on a number of tracks on ‘Variant’. The single does not at all however fall short of everything Sunset Graves describes his music to be on his Facebook page. The track truly adheres to the description of ‘eclectic, downbeat and cinematic’. It is extremely calming and soothing to the ear although there are darker tones spread throughout the track. Unlike a lot of electronic tracks, I find that ‘Your Ghost Is Formed’ is extremely well structured and planned out, there is no second of it that sounds repetitive; the track seems to offer something new as it progresses.

‘Your Ghost Has Been Formed’ I set to be released on 7” clear vinyl’s together with a non-album track titled ‘Turquoise’ with pre-orders already up and running.


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