Sean Nicholas - Savage (Track by Track)

Imagine yourself on hold, you are on the phone to a company who are keeping you waiting, the music comes on and it’s so chilled out that you forget how annoyed you are. Well this is what Canadian singer songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage has provided us in his new track ‘Empire’. This isn’t a bad thing however, far from it. ‘Empire’ is a song that has the ability to take away all your inhibitions, let you feel free in yourself, you just take it all in. As well as song writing, Sean is also a producer that has worked tirelessly over the last few yeas to showcase so powerful performances as well as hard hitting lyrics.

If you haven’t heard of him then I suggest you take the opportunity to do so now, especially if you are in a bad mood, you will immediately want to smile.

His new album ‘Bermuda Waterfall’ is available from May 13th.