New Music: Lola Colt – Vacant Hearts

Lola Colt is a six-piece that started writing due to a love of films, and through that decided to base their sound around film scores, their ethos being to create a soundtrack for a film that hadn’t been written yet. You can hear these influences in their sound, as they tell stories and create moods.

New single ‘Vacant Hearts’ is out now, with Lola Colt‘s debut album to follow later this year. The latest track delivers a subtle mellow dance track, similar in sound to Florence and The Machine.

When writing or performing they let a feeling or mood lead the music whilst still paying particular attention to detail; nothing is superfluous. “We’re fellow travellers on the journey, helping to guide the way, but not dictating the path”. People talk about their music and live experience in terms of what they felt or where the music took them -a desert highway, an open road or a seedy inner city alleyway. Breaking out from their psychedelic underground beginnings, they are an impressive proposition live and they make certain every show feels like a special event.

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