Here’s a band that will make you seem cultured the second you say that you like them- provided you can pronounce the name. Don’t be fooled yourself, however, they are British and just took their name from a Chinese warlord. This same warlord is also what Google comes back with when you search the name so there’s a slight publicity problem.

Band names aside, there’s some music to consider. ‘Infatuation’ takes a while to get going, starting out as the kind of thing that would accompany a guided tour through an exhibit about space. Eventually, it develops into what sounds like the echo of a small gig happening at the other end of a hallway, where the only truly clear instrument is the drums.

Lyrically, it’s not ground breaking, a lot of it is just a list: “You’re in my heart/ You’re in my lungs/ You’re in my hands/ You’re in my tongue”. Still, due to avoiding over the top auto tuning that is currently popular, there is enough emotion laced into the vocals to make it believable that there is a real subject to the song rather than a made up person. Most likely it is about a made up person but that’s not the point.

It’s worth sticking around through the less-than-perfect introduction, because if they improved that bit this would be a truly fantastic track. As it is, it’s good. Make your own mind up below: