New Music: Giana Factory – I Live at Night

I Live At Night is the latest single from Danish electronic band, Giana Factory.  The track is simply beautiful from start to finish. The lyrics are haunting and accompanied by delicate synth beats throughout the track creating a spine-chilling atmosphere from the intro to the end of this icy track. The emotions throughout the track are most certainly clearly translated into unsettling visual imagery throughout the music video that was recently released to accompany the single.

The band have explained that the video is a representation of quite a number of things. One being that it is a reflection of their process of working with music. Although a majority of the song, and especially the chorus revolves around finally killing someone, the group have said that the video is in fact an ode to life.

Although the track is quite laid back, it is impossible to deny that there is something about the beat of the track and the mysterious aura it has that reels the listener in. Giana factory have proven that they are truly ones to watch with their recent success of having this track chosen as the most played track on Danish National Radio P3.

If you like what you hear, buy the single on iTunes and keep an eye out for their new album set to drop in early June.


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