North Carolina has had a recent boost in recognition thanks to Dave and its insistence on broadcasting Lizard Lick Towing  to the nation. So, it’s fair to say that the state has some apologising to do. It’s unlikely that this is the reason Flagship formed, but we can imagine it nonetheless.

If you were to judge a book by its cover (though, in this case, a song by its title) this is not what you’d expect to hear. ‘Waste Them All’ is a name that suggests heavy guitars and screaming are going to dominate your eardrums for a solid 3 minutes. Instead, there are clearly pronounced words…for the most part, some words do get lost to sombre mumbling, especially in the intervals when the track picks up pace.

To start with, the track sounds like the product of Cubase, but after a little while obvious human intervention takes over. Mostly because the vocals start but also because there’s the clear sound of actual instruments being played. And being played well. Some instruments are more important than others (Michael Finster’s drums hold the whole thing together) but there’s nothing that feels like it’s been added just so a band member has something to do.

Despite North Carolina definitely not being part of the UK, there is a British feel to it. Usually it’s us that like to add a hint of misery to our tunes and it’s something difficult to manage without putting people off completely.

Side note: If singer Drake Margolnick actually means “kill everyone” when he says “waste them all”, it wouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s said with the kind of tone that is justifying it as a reaction.

The mix of tight musicianship, genuine emotion and a need to try to understand every word means you feel compelled to listen to this more than once.

Flagship’s self-titled debut album will be released in the UK in the Autumn, with the first single ready to cast a little gloom over summer.