New Music: Drake Bell

New Music: Drake Bell

There’s a new yet familiar face on the music scene, anyone that enjoyed their childhood in the naughties or Nickelodeon/Kids TV fan, will recognise the name Drake Bell.

Mostly known for his role in the imaginatively named Drake and Josh which ran from 2004-2008, Drake has also starred in Fairly Odd Parents, Ultimate Spire-Man and Splash. Having displayed his musical talents in the show, a musical career developing was not surprising in face it was to be expected. Bell, who starred in the naff TV movie Chasing Destiny had a good start in the music industry, having had his first guitar lessons on set from Roger Daltry!

His first album Telegraph was released independently in 2005, his second album It’s Only Time was released via Universal Motown Records in 2006 and his last release was an EP named A Reminder in 2011. Having a decent and solid following in the US Drake is back with his newest release Ready, Steady, Go! with a strong PR campaign, so much so that his face has started to pop up over on our shores!

“This is definitely a record that’s being approached outside the box. It’s not your stereotypical cookie-cutter pop. It’s more stripped down, revved up,  rock ‘n’ roll. That’s my roots, the music I grew up with, and the music that inspired me to start playing.”

The album, currently unavailable in the UK, is different, not exactly what you’d expect from a kids TV star. Bell comes with a retro look and sound, and it comes across as not something he’s playing around with- it’s just him, authentically. Apparently always having had a fascination with the fifties, it’s always been the underlying tone to his music, but in this latest project it really shines through.

With his music career taking wings, Bell doesn’t want to bid sayonara to acting “Jared Leto is a great example: someone who’s incredibly successful on the music front and an Oscar-winning actor. As far as people that influence me and inspire me: Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin, are the careers that I look at. Justin Timberlake, too; a great live performer, incredible songwriter, musician, singer, and actor.”

While making the album Bell tweeted “My new album is going to be a complete concept record. Getting in a time machine and going back to the 40’s and 50’s” and that’s it- it does what it says on the.. tweet.

Check out the video Bitchcraft 

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