At the age of 23, how many artists can say they’ve already toured the US and have over 40 million views on their YouTube channel? From being selected to tour with prog-rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra to being signed to Jay-Z’s own record label Roc Nation, Alexa Goddard’s talent has been recognised from a young age, and she’s now ready to show the world what she’s capable of.

Her new single ‘Pretty Girls’ is catchy, chilled out enough to be enjoyed on your own through your headphones, but also bound to make you get up and dance if you hear it in a club. With her urban style and her unique voice, Goddard rivals Rita Ora, who is also signed to Roc Nation. Aside from being a great party song, the lyrics reflect what it’s like to be a girl for many girls in 2014, not conforming to society’s expectations of girls as being ‘good’ or ‘sweet’.

With songs as strong as ‘Pretty Girls’, and with Jay-Z’s seal of approval, Alexa Goddard is set to become Britain’s newest and most exciting musical export.