MT Incredible Single Review

MT – Incredible (Single Review)

Out with a new video and single is MT. New track Incredible comes with this quartet’s stand-out recognisable retro sound, and in the prelude to their upcoming EP which will land in July.

Incredible comes introducing a new generation of the live/tour footage video. Gone are the grainy, crazy, crappy hand-held camera shenanigans, hello and welcome to the quality, slick, movie-worthy footage of fun on the road. With their timeless look and haunting sound MT are such a different band on the music scene, that is not to everyones taste, but they can surely pry the tiniest of foot taps from even the biggest and most miserable cynic, the track is just so foot tap-able! With so many copycat bands around at the moment, MT must be held in the highest esteem for being different, fresh and original. The track does leave one wondering.. who is Annie Wilson..

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