Morain – Worlds Apart (EP Review)

Wakefield based four-piece, Morain, was formed in 2009 by four friends in college: vocalist and guitarist Wil Frost, guitarist Jim Allard, Sam Humble on bass and Jamie Matax on drums.

Following their 2012 debut release, ‘Are We Lost’, the group have released their second EP ‘Worlds Apart’, which they have made available as a free download from The success that Morain garnered from their debut, led them to spend 2013 writing, recording and continuing with a relentless gigging schedule. Highlights of their year include touring the UK with Canterbury and playing a packed Club NME show at KOKO, London.

The four-track EP opens with lead single ‘Who Would’ve Known’; an upbeat, energetic and catchy indie anthem. It’s joyful and optimistic, fitting in with their focus for the album to express ‘the feelings of losing grip on an emotional constant in your life and yet, in spite of the void, there is a realisation that light is at the end of the tunnel.’

Second track, ‘Strangers’, is a little more emotive; heavier in both sound and feeling. It’s the sound of a man with problems, regrets, with a burden to carry. It’s more aggressive, exploring another facet to the inner workings of the Morain psyche.

‘Fighting With the Devil’ follows; a gently composed acoustic ballad – subtle, reflective, and introducing a complementary female voice alongside Frost’s. Its beauty is captured in its contrast to the preceding track, and proves Morain’s musical dexterity: with the band stripped back to its bones, there’s nowhere to hide any flaws or shortcomings. Here they are as they are, all secrets exposed.

Closing track, ‘Alive’, is their stadium anthem. This is when the lighters come out and hundreds of voices sing along. Morain have all the sound of the current indie rock scene, they fit the image, easily slotting into what’s expected of them. But there’s something underneath all that that tells me they have the potential to stick around long after their peers burn out.

They’re fresh-faced enough to capture the hearts of their current fanbase, but I think we’ll see that designer stubble grow into full beards before their done with this.

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