Molly Beanland – Night Dreams (EP Review)

Young singer song-writer Molly Beanland released her first single backed by its movie homage video “Night Dreams” earlier this year which I have reviewed earlier.   A new EP lead by this glossy eighties style ballad has arrived as a follow up.

The feature track is a lushly produced, opulent ballad filled with powerfully delivered lyrics.  Molly has a lovely, rich voice which deep and sensuous, especially in this highly charged single.  Having already reviewed the single and the video in depth, I don’t intend to go over it again but I remain impressed with the quality of this first single.

Whilst it’s a poppy little tune and a bit of a crowd-pleaser, it takes skill to craft and deliver something of this quality and the band and producer have done awfully well with this song.  The video adds to the song too.

The second track on the EP is the much more modern “Real Life” which features a crunchy beat and scratching.  It’s got a decent beat but is still built around Molly’s voice.  Her calling, crooning lyrics swirl around like smoke through the heart of what is a great little toe-tapping tune which wouldn’t be out of place on a dance floor.

Things take a turn for the slow and sombre with the calmer, almost sleepy “Electric”.  Molly turns on the charm with a slow, seductive vocals over a buzzing, slow heartbeat of a beat which pulses through the song.

In terms of the vocals, this time Molly makes full use of her vocal range here, ranging from low, purring tones all the way up to the occasional high note.  The lyrics are, once again, somewhat sensuous and the overall production values are very high again.  The beat is slick and has a satisfying near Dupstep buzz and distortion to it.

Things return to the eighties influence in the outro, Grand Theft.  The vocals are delivered faster and higher, this song sounds like an eighties girl power ballad but the lyrics are all about lost and false love and this is the most straight forward and perhaps forgettable track on the EP.

There’s nothing much wrong with it, it has the same well crafted, rich production values of the rest of the EP but it lacks the sparkling ideas and creativity of the others.  Whilst it’s another showcase for Molly’s voice, she doesn’t do anything that Ellie Goulding, Charli XCX or Florence haven’t done before her.

Molly Beanland is certainly a versatile and talented singer song-writer and is backed by strong production and a good band.  There’s a lot of potential here and as an artist on an upward trajectory, it’ll be very exciting to see if she can deliver on this promise.


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