Louie (TV Review)

Louie (TV Review)

If you haven’t heard of Louis C.K and love awkward humour then you need to start watching Louie. The fourth season has just started and as ever the first episode had me cringing from start to finish.

This episode of Louie concentrates on a normal day, but Louie being Louie the day is full of awkward encounters and strange conversations. This varies from a handyman in his building telling him a joke wrong to him having a conversation over poker with fellow comedians about sex toys and how they work for men.

What Louie does best is take the normal everyday things and highlight it by making it massive. The opening narrative shows exactly how he does this. It starts with Louie in bed to be awoken by some dustbin men outside (sorry its set in New York so that should be garbage men), they are making a lot of noise but in the show its exaggerated and ends with them jumping through his windows and banging dust bin lids (sorry, trash can lids) right above his head. It shows perfectly how we all feel when we are trying to sleep and hear a ‘loud’ noise outside.

Throughout the course of the day exaggerating normal everyday things carries on, another great example is how he pulls his back in the sex shop and cant walk. Then to make matters worse it is a frail old lady that helps him cross the road to get home.

I also like how Louie acts with his children, you can tell he loves them but it is as if they are sent to test him. In a way though I agree with his abruptness, it teaches the children to deal with things themselves and not rely on anyone else. A highlight of the episode was his eldest daughter writing a letter to Aids for her homework to which Louie is completely bewildered.

If you have ever seen any of Louis’ stand up shows you will know that he doesn’t hold back. He openly admits that he is a middle aged man who has come through a divorce and thinks the world around him is, well a bit shit really. I think what I like so much about Louie is that you have the narrative of the episode play out but also slotted in are bits of stand up (bizarrely he holds the wall though, anyone else noticed this? No? Just me then). The beauty of these stand up sections is that the subject matter usually helps with the narrative when it all gets a bit too weird and well awkward. The stand up helps you to get into his mind and see what the point of the narrative scene was.

The best line of stand up in the episode is “Life is short … yeah if if you’re a child who died” it sums up the feel of the whole episode. By the end of it you do feel like you have experienced a day in the life of Louie and that day felt way too long!

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