Ken Loach Not Retiring Just Yet

Ken Loach is just about to release his new film Jimmy’s Hall. A new Ken Loach film is always something to celebrate as he is a film maker of the highest quality, more often than not presenting us with near masterpieces.

Last year he announced that after making Jimmy’s Hall he would retiring from narrative film making to focus more on documentaries. Happily though in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he is reported as saying.

“I kind of thought I wouldn’t get through another one just as we were beginning Jimmy’s Hall because it’s a moment of maximum pressure when you haven’t shot a thing but you’re knackered from all the prep, and you’ve been away from home for a long time and you still have to get through the shoot”.

He suggests that his next project will smaller in scope but as he has a knack for turning the most unassuming subject into cinema gold the scope matters very little. Jimmy’s Hall will be premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival making it Loach’s twelve appearance, more than any other directors work.

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