Currently on a massive promotional trail of their new single ‘On Top of the World’, we asked Whitemoor about the benefits of social media, their interesting art work and how they ended up together.

Hey guys, Congrats on ‘On Top of the World’ being played on BBC introducing, how did you find out about it? What was your reaction to this?

Barrington – Hey Georgie, We’re lucky that Dean Jackson who does the BBC Introducing show is a big fan of ours so he tends to play everything we release, we normally get an email telling us about the scheduled play a few days before the show so it gives us time to let our fans know they need to tune in. It’s a great feeling hearing your music on the radio, especially on shows like BBC introducing.

You guys are currently on a massive promotional campaign how important do you think social media is to music these days?

Barrington – Without social media we would not be in the position we are in now, the reach things like Twitter, You Tube and now even instagram gives you is incredible. Its a vital platform for up and coming bands that often don’t have the financial backing to afford media and PR teams.

Benny – Through the various social media’s we’ve managed to build a very committed fan base who help with all of our promotional campaigns.

The cover of your EP ‘Horizon’s’ is very original, who created it? What was the idea behind it?

Benny – The concept was to try and represent the album in various sections of the front cover, in different horizons, some bright, some dark, some happy and some more melancholy.

Barrington – We feel our music can be very schizophrenic as we try not to limit our sound to any one genre, we just do whatever we feel is right for the song, for instance our last single ‘This is’ is very symphonic using a vast range of orchestral elements in contrast to our debut single ‘Three Words’ which is more of an edgy, elctro, synth pop sounding affair, we tried to represent this in the artwork using various pieces of art and some stunning photographs taken by a guy called Wayne Brittle.

Any plans on following up this Ep with a tour? / With a fourth single due for release in June, do we expect from releases or will you look to writing new material?

Benny – ‘On Top of the World’ is actually just a single release with the music video been premiered on MUZU.TV on the 16th June, but it does have a rather splendid unreleased Bside (if we do say so ourselves) called ‘Whats Going On’.

Barrington – We’re currently in residence at Sound-Hub Studios writing our next record that we’re hoping to get out by the end of the year on a US label, we cant say too much about this at the moment but its all pretty exciting. So in answer to your question no we’ll not be touring this single, but watch this space for a UK tour towards the end of the year.

How does the process of writing new material begin for you?

Barrington – The main songwriting is done by myself and Benny, the majority of the time i will write the music and arrangements and Benny will add the lyrics and vocal melody (after changing the key about a million times to the bands annoyance)

How did the band come together?

Benny – Barrington put the band together about 4 years ago when his previous band split up, this coincided with myself (Benny), Luke and Toms previous bands also splitting up. I guess none of us were ready to hang our instruments up just yet so WhiteMoor was born.

And lastly, who is the craziest member of the band?

Benny – Luke, if you’ve ever witnessed him dancing then you will know why!