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Relatively new to the rock music scene, Londoners ‘Amaryllis’ have fast become a prominent feature on the live music circuit. Having toured with the likes of ‘Boy Jumps Ship’ and ‘Elliot Minor’ their fan base has just exploded. With their first commercial release due out called ‘Revolt’ and in the middle of successful tour with ‘Orchard Hill’ and ‘Angel at My Table’ I thought I’d ask guitarist and songwriter Daniel Harris what it is like to be on tour, any crazy antics that little connection they have with Shinedown.


So you’re heading out on tour with ‘Angel at my table’ and ‘Orchard Hill’, what are you looking forward to most about this tour, did you know these guys before this tour?

I’ve been keeping my eye on Orchard Hill actually. They’re quite the upcoming band, so put together with us and Angel At My Table it should be a really diverse tour.

I really like the songs Angel At My Table put out. Saw the name floating about when they toured with Room 94 so I checked them out. So I’m really pleased we’re on a tour with both them and Orchard Hill.

What can we expect of you from tour?

A laugh mostly! We want to have fun at our shows and I hope that conveys through to the crowds. Our set is very upbeat and energetic so I’m sure we’ll catch a few people tapping their feet.

We’re always available during and after the shows, so if you’re coming to a show please introduce yourselves!

Where has been your favourite place to perform so far?

We recently just played at O2 Academy Islington on the Elliot Minor farewell shows. It was so good to play on a stage of that size and have a crowd of that capacity to play to. Everything went perfect that night and we had all our friends by our side. It was a really special moment for us. Can’t thank Elliot Minor enough for having us.

Anything crazy things happen, any accidents, or crazy fans?

Crazy things. I can instantly tell you the funniest thing that’s happened to me.

We were staying in a hotel on our last tour in Glasgow. It was around 3am, I woke up to hear someone screaming. I looked around the pitch black room to find that nobody was in a state of panic, so naturally I went back to sleep.

The next thing I knew, I woke next to Alex W on all four’s on the end of my bed screaming at me whilst in his underwear. I believe he was somewhat sleepwalking, but it was the weirdest experience ever. I calmed him down and convinced him to go back to bed.

The next morning we woke up and he began telling me about this ‘dream’ he had. He described what happened that night perfectly and I just laughed and told him it had actually happened.

Only me and him heard it. Nobody else woke up. Lets hope that doesn’t happen this tour!

What has been the audience response to your new single ‘Kings’?

Really humbling. We’ve had fans from around the UK, to even fans in other countries telling us how much they enjoyed the song Kings.

It’s reached new people too which is really great for us. We love interacting with new people and it’s great that our music has influence on that.

It’s actually the first song I’ve put out with this band, so It’s been a pretty mind blowing experience to see this many people interact with us, all over one song. I’m excited to see what they’ll think of the rest of the EP.

Ok I have to ask, why ‘Amaryllis?’

The band name was chosen after the Shinedown album ‘Amaryllis’. The other guys found it stood out and wasn’t anything cliche or cheesy. It was the first and only name the guys came up with. I really like it!

Looking at your pictures it looks like you guys get on really well, how did you guys get together?

Yeah we’re always having a laugh with each other. I’ll often wake up to pictures of cats, sloths and one direction jokes in our group chat. There is so much banter between us, I love it.

We all met online actually. Sante spoke to Alex W about starting up a band and they discussed what kind of music they wanted from it. From there Sante messaged Alex O to originally drum for the band after watching his YouTube covers, but ended up becoming the bassist when she found Mike on a website called JoinMyBand. As for me I joined the band just after the debut EP came out. I had also met Sante through JoinMyBand 2 years previously and had kept in contact. I loved the EP they put out and asked to audition to be a guitarist.  And here we stand today ready to go on this quality tour and to put out our next release.

What do you hope for the future, what are your plans?

Writing songs. Playing shows. Writing more songs. More impromptu One Direction covers. More writing songs.

I think our vision for next year is to record an album. I really can’t wait to sit down and crack on with writing songs. I hope I’ve expressed that enough!

And I also have to ask . . what 5 words describe . . your music?

Energetic, Emotion, Anger, Suspense and Relatable.


Photo: Joe Brady

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