HR Giger dead at 74

HR Giger dead at 74

One of the truly great visual minds of the 20th century has died due to injuries sustained from a fall down a flight of stairs at the age of 74. H.R. Giger was credited with the inspiration behind the Xenomorph design in Ridley Scott’s Alien. His art style is described as bio mechanical, a disturbing blend of the technological and the organic, nightmarish visions that industrialize humanity and eroticize machinery.

The image you can see above is the shockingly surreal depiction of a being with a phallicized skull, exhaust pipes growing from their back and a life form incubated in their ‘tail’. You can see why Ridley thought this was a likeness that would strike fear into the hearts of cinema goers.

The below image combines satanic symbols with a dystopic, futuristic slant. These images take what is, at our hearts, the most profoundly human traits imaginable  and puts them in bondage with unnaturaly augmented appendages, creating something that is recognizable but unsettlingly unfamiliar. This is one of the most potent ways to exploit human fear. No wonder he was afraid of his own visions.