Hockeysmith – But Blood (EP Review)

Experimental pop duo, Hockeysmith, are sisters Annie and Georgie Hockeysmith; living and creating music in a caravan on a farm near Falmouth, Cornwall. This month they will release their debut EP, ‘But Blood’, via British indie label Double Denim Records.

Apparently bringing together a mix of shoe gaze, post-punk, acid house and dream pop influences, I barely feel qualified to talk about a band exploring genres I’ve never even heard of before. But I do know that when something outside of my usual sphere of musical tastes catches my attention, it must be something quite special indeed.

The EP’s four tracks – the previously released ‘But Blood’ and ‘Meanwhile’, and new tracks ‘Hesitate’ and ‘Phantom Whistle’ – are all surprisingly distinct and unique from one another, without allowing the EP to become a jumble of unrelated tracks.

With psychadelic soundscapes overlaid with haunting vocals, Hockeysmith are primed to hit the stages at some big festivals this year, and I have no doubt that they’ll fit into the billing with ease. Part dream-like euphoria, part electropop beats, they’re perfect for both the pinnicle of the rush and the come-down afterwards. But it’s not all glo-sticks and UV body-paint; there’s something a little sinister wrapped up in all this.

Originally from Bristol, the sisters found their little corner of the Westcountry via a stop-off in a creepy Welsh vicarage, and their music has all the atmosphere of these locations stitched in. The vast empty fields, the rural isolation, the inevitable inward reflection and obsession.

‘But Blood’ is a daring and experimental release, but I have a feeling these girls have a lot more up their sleeves yet. It has an air of restraint and caution; like they’re testing things out, seeing how it goes before making a complete commitment. With this being their debut, I suspect they can only grow in confidence, cementing their sound into what it will eventually become. And who knows where the journey may take them.

Photo: Danny Garside

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