Fargo (TV Review)

Fargo (TV Review)

I love a good TV drama and Fargo certainly doesn’t disappoint. The big name actors certainly helped convince me to watch the first episode, but now four episodes in, the storyline and suspense has kept me watching.

I just want to say that I haven’t watched the film that the TV series was inspired by, so the only expectation I had was that it should be good as I know the film is a cult classic. I had no idea what the story would be like and no idea of what would be happening.

This story about a small boring town being completed transformed when a drifter arrives spreading violence had me completely gripped from the first episode. The drifter called Lorne Malvo played by Billy Bob Thornton influences a decision made by Lester Nygard (Martin Freeman) which leads to a chain of events that actually makes this cold town slightly more interesting.

Each character in the small town and the town next to it seem so friendly despite their ‘worst luck’ that it makes it all seem very surreal and that they live inside a bubble within their community that cant be found anywhere else. The acts that are being carried out by Lorne and indeed by Lester are violent and graphic but they don’t seem that bad because it just adds to the surrealism. This therefore makes the show brilliant. At times you are watching something very dark but the humour that is involved and the surrealism doesn’t make you look in horror, it makes you look in wonder.

The characters are the key to achieving this along with the crime element. Although he killed his wife, you cant help but feel sorry for Lester. After all, he flipped after having years of being told he is worthless. Then to top it off, he has now been dragged into this dark criminal world that he shouldn’t be involved in due to one flippant comment he made in a hospital waiting room. He was a bad salesman and led a boring life with no luck only for it now to get a lot worse.

Molly, for me is a star of the show, she is the female police officer who is clearly the most intelligent amongst all the officers but being a female in a male dominated profession she of course gets overlooked. She is the only one who at the moment is close to uncovering the truth about the crimes, but her rather overbearing boss Bill (Bob Odenkirk, you know Saul from Breaking Bad) dismisses her at every opportunity he gets, even when she has photographic evidence for him. I think she is definitely one to watch to see if she flips just like Lester.

These are just a few of the characters, there are many to watch that make the show interesting. Another you cant help but warm to is Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) he is just a nice, good guy who is unfortunately torn between doing the right thing and protecting his daughter. In the end, he chose doing the right thing. I just fear for him now he has crossed the path of Lorne.

This show has so much going for it and is definitely worth a watch, the storyline has enough twists and turns in it to make sure you watch the next episode and the characters are so intriguing that you want to find out more about each and every one of them. I for one cant wait to see what else is going to happen in this quiet, boring town in Minnesota.

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