Derek – Season 2.6 (TV Review)

Tom and Hannah continued to try for a baby and their attempts had been monitored and timed by Kev and Derek who even printed out her ovulation chart as he finds it ‘interesting’.

Dougie, who quit working at the care home in the previous episode, is planning to move to Manchester which means both Derek and Kev have been forced to make alternative living arrangements.

Their new home turned out to be a caravan given to them by city worker Pete, the grandson of one of the residents.

Meantime, Kev had more on his mind than moving – with Dougie’s job up for grabs, he decided to clean up his act to be considered.  So, Derek offered to accompany him to AA and gave him a tie while Vicky took care of his hair. (It’s a start, but he probably needs a tad more than that to smarten himself up).

Not long after, Derek and Kev’s caravan was dropped off by Pete.

He told the lot that he has an important job managing rich people’s money which prompted Derek to question the purpose of it all as he is poor and has all he needs.

It made dear old Pete reflect on his life and the bond he had with his granddad as a youngster. In the next scene, the two rekindled much to Derek’s delight.

This was obviously meant to be thought provoking for us viewers – family is more important than goods – which I agree with but it all seemed too ‘and they lived happily ever after’.

The city boy just looked like a big bully in a bad suit rather than the big cheese he was supposed to portrait.

Hannah finally interviewed the candidates for the handyman gig and Kev’s effort was disastrous at best.

However, he’d been off the drink for a few days and showed a sliver of a normal human being – as opposed to the perverted creep he normally is.

It was the first time I felt anything other than annoyance towards the character and I hoped he’d get the job and ‘give something back’ as he stated.

(In this case I did want a ‘happily ever after’).

However, the last person to be interviewed for the position was Geoff and judging by the poor selection of candidates, it’s to be assumed he will be a permanent fixture in the care home.

So basically bad news for Kev and seconds after learning he’d been rejected, he cracked open a can of lager, undid his tie and slumped back in his chair while watching reruns of some old game show.