Derek – Season 2.6 (TV Review)

Derek – Season 2.1 (TV Review)

Ricky Gervais is back for season 2 as the kind, compassionate but slightly slow care home helper Derek Noakes.

The episode started out with Derek spotting a massive spider on the bathroom wall which frightened him. True to his loving nature, he wanted it to be removed but of course, not killed.

While the spider was moved out of the home, Derek’s dad Anthony moved in.

Derek is very pleased with his dad’s company who seemingly settled in well and revealed to be quite the ladies’ man.

While he unpacked his dad’s suitcase, Derek found out his dad has seen a fair bit of the world which made him wonder: “What’s France like”, to which his dad replied: “it’s full of French people and they are not very friendly although the women are nice”.

He continued to tell Derek that on his travels, he met a wise man from Kathmandu who told him that wishes will come through if you make a list and give it to your father.

This turned out to be a ruse for Derek to make a list so Anthony can give him something as he doesn’t know what he likes.

But Derek’s dad was not the only new addition, there’s also Geoff, who started in the care home as part of a back-to-work-employment scheme.

Vicky, now working fulltime at the home herself as a beautician, finds him ‘weird’ and ‘well shifty’.

Vicky’s dislike of Geoff was shared by Dougie who was pestered by him while he fixed some electrical plug and got shocked in the process. This led him to quit his job at the home as he felt he has too much on his plate.

In the meantime, Tom, the grandson of one of the residents, and care home worker Hannah have been trying for a baby and Derek revealed this fact to his dad which prompted oddball and alcoholic Kev to start a monologue about vaginas.

Derek’s wish list basically consisted of a bunch of pills he wants to get smarter and, very random, Leona Lewis.

The episode ended with Derek’s dad giving him his present; it’s not quite the X-Factor winner but instead the only photo he has of his son; Derek as a baby still sporting the same hair.


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