Dead Frequency – Desire for Fire (EP Review)

Desire for Fire is the new EP from midlands punk outfit Dead Frequency. The EP consists of three tracks, all of which throw a flurry of punchy riffs at you in an out and out assault on your delicate ear drums. Dead Frequency follow the lead of all the fun punks rather than the self-serious ones, the bands that had the tunes of Bad Religeon and Descendants but wanted to party like KISS and Motley Crew.

The lyrics often see a disconnect between the themes of the songs and the music, the frontman Matti Fantasi can often be heard singing about the bitterest of subjects with the lightest of tones. It’s another one of those grand punk traditions; using the worst of human nature as an excuse to write a kick ass tune you rock a house party with, Nero fiddling while Rome burns and all that.

Desire for Fire is certainly an EP by a band with a lot of desire and a hell of a lot of fire in their belly. Ballsy, confident and coming out the gates with a swaggerous set of riffs, Dead Frequency hit all the right punk notes all in the right punk order.