Just from listening to the album title track, you can immediately tell that Banks is going to be the star of summer and will probably keep that title for a very long time.

She has already released critically acclaimed EP London, sold out London’s KOKO twice and has performed at the infamous Coachella to the praise of everyone from The Guardian to Time Magazine. This girl is definitely unstoppable.

As the full album is not released until 8th September I have only been able to hear snippets of each song but let me tell you, I like what I hear. Banks has nailed the perfect balance between melodic lyrics and experimenting with a range of get-under-your-skin beats. The best part of the album is that I think it is very versatile; you could listen to it getting ready to go out or if you just want to stay in: it seems to work with anything.

I’m definitely going to be downloading this beauty; download album title track Goddess now, pre-order the album from iTunes or wait until September… if you can.