Backyard Cinema Be Back

As great as a multiplex can sometimes be for the immersive experience when watching the big bang wallop of a summer blockbuster they can feel like impersonal affairs. Another screen that looks the same as you went to half way across the country. Food that looks like it’s been recycled. Groups of people walking in half way through laden with H&M bags ruining the moment. That’s why it’s always a wonderful thing to have the independent alternative.

This summer sees the return of Backyard Cinema situated around Camden Lock in London. Over the course of 8 weeks from July 16th-Sept 5th an eclectic mix of old favourites and new releases will be screened in the cobbled, bunting clad streets on North London. You can watch Ghostbusters from the comfort of a beanbag or deck chair with an artisan quality burger in one hand and popcorn in the other whilst snug under a blanket. Honest Burgers and Brewdog are the food and beverage suppliers. Oh this does sound charming. Everything is in place for an unforgettable night of cinema. I for one will be over the course of several nights. I hope to see you there. I’ll be the guy eating his weight in BBQ at The Lego Movie.

Dominic Davies, Founder and Creator says: “This year we wanted to go even bigger – more beanbags, bigger screen, more films and louder speakers. Brewdog and Honest Burgers are on side to finish the job and this year we really want crowd interaction. This is Backyard Cinema not the opera, lots of drinks, lots of food, a great movie in an iconic setting. One of the joys of going to the movies was that it was trashy and we should never lose that. This is the ultimate pop-up Cinema.”

Full Event Listing

16th July – Gravity
17th July – Dallas Buyers Club – sold out
23rd July – Silver Linings Playbook
24th july – The Lego Movie
30th July – Cruel Intentions (15 year Anniversary)
31st July – From Dusk til Dawn
6th August – Ghostbusters (30 years Anniversary)
7th August – Bridesmaids
13th August – SuperBad
14th August – The Matrix (15 year Anniversary)
15th August – Pulp Fiction (20 Year Anniversary)
20th August – The Goonies
21st August – Back to the Future
22nd August – Blues Brothers – Sing & Dance-a-Long
27th August – Skyfall
29th August – Grease – Sing & Dance-a-long
3rd September – This is Spinal Tap
4th September – The Amazing Spiderman 2
5th September – Human Traffic

By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.