We Were Evergreen – False Start (Single Review)

Originally from France, London based indie-electro-pop trio We Were Evergreen are firing up for the release of their debut album, ‘Towards’, on May 5th.

Having just finished touring Europe supporting Metronomy and Anna Calvi, they are barely taking a breath before kicking off a tour with Goldfrapp ahead of their own headline UK tour in May including appearances at The Great
Escape and Dot To Dot festival. And they’re no strangers to the festival scene either, having played at The Great Escape before, as well as racking up appearances at the likes of Lovebox Festival and Secret Garden Party amongst others.

Upcoming single, ‘False Start’, taken from the album, is inspired by a documentary guitarist Michael Liot watched about Usain Bolt. He says “the whole song takes the idea of what a false start is and what goes on in a runner’s mind in the ten seconds of a race, when he’s made a false start but he’s the only one to know. Mind versus body”.

Although there’s just the three of them, We Were Evergreen bring along enough instruments to satisfy an orchestra; boasting a ukulele, banjo, trumpet and harmonica to name a few. But the real reason We Were Evergreen stand out are the small details; the little musical accents and flourishes that litter their tracks. Its genius is understated; making an impact without having to shout it.

‘False Start’ starts out with that laid-back indie sound, before the musical lines are layered thicker and thicker, picking up the intensity. We Were Evergreen manage to mix the energy of elctro-pop with the relaxed attitude of indie to a masterfully precise recipe. The track would play equally well at a summer afternoon beach party as it would in a nightclub, drawing together the atmosphere of both.

This is the track that will always remind you of a particular summer, a particular party, a particular person. It’s emotive yet energetic, romantic yet real, subtle yet self-assured. It will be something to everyone, offering up a full scope of personality. Best check out the album next month, because it will be the soundtrack for your year.

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