Tigercub - Blue Blood (Single Review)

Brighton isn’t particularly famous for its musical offerings, so Tigercub don’t have much competition when it comes to being the band that puts the town on the map (metaphorically, it would be difficult to find a map of the UK without Brighton on it).

It’s always impressive when 3 people can produce the kind of full sound that some bands need 2 extra members for, which is why Tigercub have to be commended for managing it. Sometimes in songs it feels as though there’s a gap that needs to be filled with another instrument but Blue Blood sounds complete, with no room for anything else. To be fair, it’s so overruled by Jamie Hall’s guitar and James Alexander’s drums that even James Wheelwright has to fight to get the bass recognised.

Hall has an extra workload, as his job description also includes providing the vocals. His voice is a peculiar hybrid of Kurt Cobain and Kelly Jones from Stereophonics. Neither off putting nor distracting, it’s just noticable and, at first, a little amusing.

Towards the end there’s a bit of a let-down. It’s as if there was a meeting and one of them said “let’s throw in a bit that’s a complete mess, like we’ve lost control of our instruments. It’ll sound so cool, edgy and raw”. It doesn’t. It really does just sound like a mess with no edginess to make up for it. Stop doing that, bands. Especially when what you had up until that point was so well done.

This is their debut single and they could have done a lot worse, there are a lot of fully established bands that did and managed to go onto glorious careers. The future could and should be bright for Tigercub.

Blue Blood will be released 5th May