The New Power In The High Street Handbag

The revolution of the handbag is here. It seems that designers have caught up with the inner workings of the female mind and realised we need a little more organisation in our lives. So they have created some new designs to save the time that we would waste rummaging through our bags for our phones/purse/emergency chocolate bar.

Step forward the micro bag. If you are someone who carry their lives around even if they’re just popping to the shops, it gives you some tough decisions to make. Designed to hold only your bare essentials to save you the aching shoulders that your normal tote imposes, this bag could become a girls best friend. This bag is also a big celebrity favourite; Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung carry this handy bag on a regular basis.

There is also the greatest new invention to grace the high street shops; the transparent bag. No more frantically trying to remember whether you picked up your keys, no more tipping the contents out to find your last piece of gum; one glance and your question is answered. The best part is that there is never a question of whether it will suit what you are wearing; it will just melt in and let your outfit do the talking. First brought to the catwalk by Chanel and Galliano, you can get your own version from TopShop and Selfridges for a fraction of the price.

Revamped for the Spring/Summer Season, the box bag provides us with some much needed stability. It comes in pastel shades which is perfect for the work place, or you can buy it in bright shades for a more daring look. This smart creation instantly turns your casual clothes into a sophisticated everyday look. You can pick up your own from Accessorise, who are featuring some very pretty neutral bags this season.

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