Super Summer Shorts

When the weather warms up we start to think about getting out our legs for the world to see.  There is a lot of consideration that goes into that though, some of us like to put on a beautiful flowing skirt and others choose the option of shorts! We have seen, even across the last fashion season, an emergence of shorts, people have been popping out their pins braving the cold weather!

This summer shorts are sure to be as big a hit as they was during Autumn and Winter, but what kind of shorts will you want to be wearing this year?

Bold, bright and blooming is one way you could go this summer.  Florals and pops of colour will shine throughout the summer months, so busy patterns that embody the essence of these themes will be everywhere.  The use of vintage styles and designs will also make an appearance, think 50’s pinups and you are on the right track!

(Pictured above)

Lilah Tropical Toucan Sarong Shorts

£35 at Collectif


Another big looks will be monochrome, black and white will always be in fashion and provide endless opportunities re work your personal style.  An extension of this is using navy instead of black, this evokes images of Parisian Fashion and effortless chic.


  Provencal Print Shorts

£50 at NANCY DEE

Of course all out bright colour is not out of the question and will be certain to get you noticed.  Coupling a beautiful vibrant sunny shade with some feminine and delicate fabric would be a perfect addition to any summertime outfit, not to mention look fabulous with a tan!

ETTIE Orange Lace Shorts


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