Silicon Valley to debut on Sky Atlantic in the Summer

If like me you were crying tears of enraged blood at the news that King of the Hill was going to be cancelled, for – of all things – another Seth McFarlane series, you’ll be happy to know it’s creator and genuine genius Mike Judge wasn’t just standing in his alleyway drinking beer this entire time. Oh no he was creating Silicon Valley, a single camera comedy about programmers working in California’s tech capital.

Inspired by Mike Judge’s own experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late 1980s, it centres around Thomas Middleditch as Richard Hendrix, a programmer who creates an algorithm that could revolutionise the digital music industry. Judge’s satirical targets seem to be the egos of the techies themselves and the culture that constantly belittles them yet would break down without their technological ingenuity.

Picked up by HBO – which by now I think we can all just assume is a byword for quality in this day and age – Silicon Valley will be hitting British shores sometime this summer on Sky Atlantic.