Select All Delete Save As - Ultra Culture (Album Review)

Select All Delete Save As are a British duo band, from Jersey, out with their second album Ultra Cultura. With PR boasting this as the most eccentric album of 2014 and a “mixed bag of rock and punk styles” Select All‘s new album Ultra Cultura comes with big shoes in “toe” to fill.

The album has a different sound, and is quintessentially English with its laid back attitude, comical lyrics and Lily Allen-esq accents thrown into the tracks. To pin them as a genre is difficult, perhaps Indie/Post-Britpop. The sound is unique, but it’s not remotely punk, it’s barely rock- some seem to think that the inclusion of guitars alone equals rock music. But chilled albums like this prove that point, rock has a more defined melody, some guts and a powerful crescendo. Rock doesn’t just drift along like a lazy stream on a Sunday afternoon.

And Punk? If you’re calling your sound punk you really need to back that one up, you can’t sense any personal, political or global message in these songs, they lack that attitude, which is essential to punk. Having said all that, if they billed their sound correctly, you’d realise the album is not terrible. Its actually okay. There are a couple of interesting talk/rap tracks including Nectar Of Instruction which is wonderfully kooky and odd, and Charge My Pad which is a comical nod to BowieUltra Cultura is Out 17th April