Sean Grant and the Wolfgang - I Am The Devil (Single Review)

Sean Grant and the Wolfgang – I Am The Devil (Single Review)

Sean grant, A songsmith from the midlands – plays in his band, The WolfgangWith his upcoming EP, We The Working Class being such a poignant release, which the aim is to focus very much on Sean’s family history. I Am The Devil, is the first track, which was actually written about Sean’s grandmother and grandfather – in which, they fled to London from Ireland, In order for them to be able to marry, (as his grandfather was catholic, and grandmother a protestant). This caused a lot of changes, of which saw his grandfather turn to Alcohol, while his grandmother was pregnant, with his dad; at a young age.

The track discusses the effect that forced religion had on his family. Sean has already had great support from BBC Introducing and We The Working Class is his debut EP, being released on June 2nd via The Shipping Forecast.
Up until now, I hadn’t actually listened to any music, of this particular type. But it is great, and the words are extremely meaningful, I which you can tell that Sean is singing them from his heart, and is not based on some ‘fairy tale, made up story’, what we all seem to hear from the well know singers nowadays. The idea that the EP relates to pastime family history, gives a completely different edge to the way we digest the lyrics. I wouldn’t have even thought of listening to anything different to my usual music, but this has without a doubt, changed my view point. Depending on how you’re feeling, this could be extremely good to sit back, and reflect on – from pastime family histories, to what our future may look like, if a crucial point of our life is on the brink of being disrupted.
The album itself, should be listened to – and I am sure it’ll go far, well. It surely deserves to!
Nadene Chandler

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